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One day, Fifi decided that ALLURE was one of his very fave styles.  He was playing a game of slap jack with his friends when one of them asked him, "What is your favorite Luckyleo style?"  

He tilted his head to the side, looked at his friend, and slapped a jack, sliding the whole pile of cards to his side of the table at the same time. "I would have to say the ALLURE style is one of my go-to leos," he exclaimed. "The low back and high neck front are just so comfy. If the Luckyleo Sisters ever designed a print where I was on it, I would ask them to make it in the ALLURE style and out of their Dream fabric, since that fabric is as soft as a Llama could ever dream of."

So, several days after that fateful game of slap jack, we did, indeed, design a print with Fifi the Llama on it in the Dream fabric (which has a softer than clouds feel and a nice stretchiness).

Choose your size, and we will hand sew this hand-painted print leotard for you in 4 weeks! 

Luckyleo Leotard Size Chart

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