Each piece of dancewear is created in house at our Denver, Colorado, workshop by our amazing team of expert sewists. Sisters, and former professional ballet dancers, Chelsea and Heather carefully design each leotard and oversee production at their small studio where your creations are sewn and shipped.

Chelsea Early

Founder & Designer

After dancing professionally with Ballet Arizona for many years, Chelsea felt driven to continue to focus her life around creativity, and turned her career-ending injury into an opportunity to pursue another passion: fashion design. She is self-taught in sewing and running a business and learned how to sew by whipping up custom creations for her friends at Ballet Arizona. She joined up with Heather to start their own sister-run leotard brand, Luckyleo, in 2015. Chelsea loves reading books on business theory, as well as watching YouTube to learn new sewing techniques, and used to create ballroom gowns, wedding dresses, hand-tooled leather creations, and up-cycled baby outfits all on Etsy before starting Luckyleo. You’ll normally find Chelsea dreaming up the next print, painting new florals for a print, or sketching, drafting, and sewing up a new design. Chelsea’s favorite part of running Luckyleo is styling and coming up with concepts for the next Luckyleo photoshoot with Heather.

Heather Walker

Founder & Designer

As a hardcore Balanchine fan, Heather spent her favorite summers dancing at SAB in New York and PNB in Seattle before she ended up dancing professionally in the company with Chelsea at Ballet Arizona. After her injury, she went on to create Luckyleo with Chelsea to be able to give something to the dancers of today! Heather didn’t know how to sew before Luckyleo was started, but quickly found that the humming of the machine, and the focus it required was a great fit for her, and she fell in love with designing and creating pieces with stretch fabric in particular. When she’s not taking care of business at Luckyleo Headquarters, she spends her time bouldering, hiking, sending her loved ones bizarre snapchats, and tending to her many indoor plants while sipping a pour over with a good record spinning. At Luckyleo, she’s often found working on photo and print editing, planning product launches and photo shoots, designing Express, and cleaning the workshop dressed as the Sanitary Fairy!

Karen Saari

Founder & Fulfillment Leader

Karen is lovingly referred to as “Momma K” by our fabulous Luckyleo team, and her kindness warms all who work with her. She is always one to make a joke when faced with a problem, all while expertly coming up with an excellent solution. She started the company with Heather and Chelsea right when they first had the spark of an idea of running their own leotard brand and helped make everything possible by lending a hand in every department from production management to customer service over the years. You can find her wildly dancing with excitement while waiting for the next shipping label to print, since she’s so happy to send out your beautiful hand-crafted Luckyleo dancewear, and normally has a giant, brimming cup of coffee close at hand. When she’s not heading up our fulfillment department at Luckyleo, she’s either throwing a theme party for a team member’s birthday or anniversary with the company, or helping with the big decisions that make the company tick! Karen’s super power is her ability to say the kindest compliment that will bring you to tears, since she’s so thoughtful and loving.

Kim Theisen


Kim started with us as a cutter back in 2016, and is now one of our 3 Makers, which means she’s an expert sewist who creates your custom leotard from start to finish. Besides knowing everything there is to know about leotard creation, she is an incredible seamstress outside of work, as well. She has her bachelor’s in Fashion Design and brings an endless knowledge to her work as she’s trained in patterning, grading, and highly-skilled sewing techniques. You might see her working away at your custom leotards while dressed up as her cat, Annyoung, or listening to true crime podcasts. When she’s not making leotards, she’s hunting for mushrooms in the forest or whipping up a delicious meal with tasty buttery morels!

Learn more about her & her work HERE.

Connor Jones


Connor started with us as a topstitcher in 2016 and is now one of our 3 Makers, which means he’s an expert sewist who creates your custom leotard from start to finish. Beyond his leotard expertise, he’s a self-taught sewist who creates amazing and extravagant costumes for his burlesque numbers and is always traveling to exotic locations for his shows. His pup Eireann is frequently lounging on his chair while he sews, and Connor is our resident Luckyleo historian since he remembers all our retired styles, prints, and shenanigans! He is also heralded as “The Thread Master” due to his innate ability to use up the final inches of spools of thread rather than letting it go to waste! Outside of work, Connor spends his time performing, creating new numbers, creating his own custom designs, and producing incredible shows in Denver and beyond.

Learn more about him & his work HERE.

Ondine Montoya


Ondine started with us as a cutter in 2018 and is now one of our 3 Makers, which means she’s an expert sewist who creates your custom leotard from start to finish. Besides her mad leotard skills, she owns her own business, and creates over-the-top and intricate cosplay costumes from scratch at home! (One of her costumes even has floating sleeves that don’t touch her arms!) When she’s creating your leotards, you’ll often find her listening to an audiobook novel or dreaming up a new color combination for designs. In her own time, she’s always busy at her studio with her printing business, creating new costumes, or mastering a new type of sewing machine, or setting up a booth at a large convention!

Learn more about her & her work HERE.

Madelyn Hadel

Sewing Team

Madelyn started with us as a cutter in 2018 and has since mastered the topstitch as well! She’s always down to help in whichever department is most needed, and has a happy bounce to her step due to her cheerleading past. When she’s not at work, she’s running her own design line often centered around denim, creating full looks for fashion shows, shooting beautiful pictures, or putting together awesome events like her clothing swap in Denver! While she’s adeptly crafting at the workshop, she’s often seen in her Luckyleo leggings listening to some sweet jams and is always up to join in on our team classes held at the workshop. Madelyn has a knack for bringing people together and always has a new and exciting project she’s working on!

Adrianna Perricone

Sewing Team

Adrianna started with us as our workshop assistant in the middle of our busiest season in 2018, then quickly moved into serging on our sewing team. She’s now known for her attention to detail and hard work! She’s an expert hairstylist and makeup artist and is always wowing us when she walks into work with a new vibrant and stunning hair color she dyed herself! While she’s here sewing up seams, she’s always coming up with great thoughts for ways to improve the sewing process, showing up with on-point themed makeup when we’re celebrating something, and is known for her perfect posture while sewing. (It’s harder to keep great posture than you’d think!) When she’s not making leotards here, she spends time strengthening at the gym and cutting and dying her clients’ hair!

Mercedes Hartman

Sewing Team

Mercedes joined our team in 2018 and is solely responsible for creating all Luckyleo skirts by hand from start to finish! Before joining our sewing team, she focused on her own line of grander-than-life fur coats that were entirely custom designed. In our workshop, you’ll see her floating by wearing one of her colorful patchwork creations and sewing up Luckyleo skirts left and right, paying close attention to that each skirt comes together just right. When she’s not at Luckyleo, she juggles raising her beautiful kids or sewing up a storm with her extensive print-scrap collection at home, letting no fabric go to waste and instead transforming it into something lovely and treasured!

Kathryn Werner

Production Leader

Kathryn joined us in 2019 as a cutter and has since transitioned into the role of Production Leader to help things run smoothly on the production floor! She’s constantly biking into work and spending her free time training for marathons or reading a good book. Kathryn used to live in a tiny house with her boyfriend and (you won’t believe it) Great Dane! While she’s at work, her steady positivity and ability to analyze, problem solve, and improve processes puts everyone’s mind at ease and keeps all our production on track and prioritized correctly! If we are lucky, she’ll occasionally bring in Ava (the Great Dane) to help us with production, too. She helps with all aspects of production including inventory, daily production tracking, quality checking, and organizing our workflow so that everything gets out to you all just as promised.

Ann Terrell

Sewing Team

Ann joined our team in 2019 and is trained in elastics, serging, and cutting in our sewing team. She’s always ready to help out with a smile in whichever department is running low, which helps us keep a balanced line and the Express leotards coming. Ann is constantly working on a fun project outside of Luckyleo, like hosting movie night events in full costume, or performing burlesque with our other team member Connor! She brings by her pup, Hank, to brighten our day at the workshop, and he’s often found waddling (his legs are quite short) around the whole production floor looking for love and cuddles.

Treena Rice

Sewing Team

Treena joined us in 2019 and is trained in cutting, topstitching, and finish work. (That’s the hand-pinching and tacking that’s on your favorite styles like Moon and Acorn!) She radiates positive vibes and smiles while she’s tackling any of the departments that are needed in the assembly line that week, and is often seen working in her Luckyleo leggings & tops. She’s currently attending school for wrestling, and is constantly sewing up a new project made with unconventional materials that turn out otherworldly for her custom-piece clients she works with outside of Luckyleo. Treena is a self-taught designer and is full of creativity and motivation, constantly innovating and bringing fierce beauty into this world (like her glow-in-the-dark skin-tight custom designs she creates in her own line)!