Hey, guys! Heather here! Just want to share with you a little bit of behind the scenes action of what happens in our photoshoots.
When our Snapchat-Model-Search-Winner Jessica scheduled her flight out to shoot with us in Denver, the first step was scouting locations to shoot (one of my favorite activities!) She also got to bring along her fiance, Yoshi, who is another amazingly talented dancer, so Chelsea and I jumped at the chance to do a romantic couples video shoot for our very first commercial!


My method for location scouting is usually ghosting local Instagram accounts to try and find the most epic and accessible spots to use for our photoshoots. I always keep in mind the sort of landscape we will come across and how the weather might be, to try and make it as doable as possible, especially when we are planning on shooting some video. Dancing and looking graceful on uneven land in a frigid wind is not as easy as our amazing models make it look! I found out about a stunning place called Bishop's Castle a couple hours outside of Denver, and as soon as I saw pictures of it, it was immediately on my bucket list of places to do a shoot. There was this stunning level that had wood floors, sunlight flooding through the massive glass windows, and a view of rolling mountaintops.... What more could you want?!



Once all of us arrived at the castle, though, we realized it was a lot colder than we expected.... Our models Jessica & Yoshi didn't flinch for one second, though, and were still up to the challenge! The breeze (although it was freezing) did make for some amazing shots with Jessica's skirt billowing gracefully around her and Yoshi. 



After we got some shots on the gorgeous wood floor level, we did some exploring (and a lot of stair climbing) to the higher levels of the castle. The spiraling wrought iron staircases kept looping higher and higher! We got to a level where you could step out onto a little iron pathway, and the views were just unreal. Had to grab some shots out here! I couldn't look down for too long without freaking out about how high up we were, so I had to keep my eyes on the camera...  



We spotted the highest possible level in the castle across from where we were as we were making our way back down the stairs, and Chelsea, Jessica, and Yoshi decided to brave the rickety floors and highest heights to the top. I had a clear view of them all the way down from the bottom of the castle, so I got to grab some Snapchat epic zoom videos while they shot up there! This one was snapped by Chelsea:



Once they made their way back down to me, we noticed that the sun was shining beautifully through the stained glass, so we took advantage of the light and snapped a couple pictures.



It had already been a long day of driving and shooting, but Jessica and Yoshi were still down to stop by Garden of the Gods on our way back to Denver. Once we reached the park, the sun was golden and gorgeous across the red rock. We got some amazing photos of Jessica basking in the golden hour sun right before it set! 


The last step in making our first commercial was editing the clips Chelsea and I got on the shoot. Chelsea is the video wiz, so that's where she took over! She pulled the best moments from everything that was captured and began piecing together the video. We are lucky enough to have an amazingly musically talented friend, Michael Young, who lets us use his compositions, so Chelsea began timing the clips with the music.
Click here to watch the final result! 
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October 05, 2017 — Chelsea Early


Kate said:

The video you made is so beautiful!!
It’s really amazing. The shots and the places you have chosen are epic. That video makes want to buy all of your products!❤?

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