Heather came up with a great concept a while back, and we are so excited to show you all how it turned out!  The two of us, growing up in Phoenix, AZ, have always been totally obsessed with snow.  Everything about fresh snow is beautiful and soft! Since we never saw snow in the desert of Arizona, we had a Christmastime tradition of cutting out beautiful snowflakes and hanging them around our house in winter!

Chelsea with snowflakes

Now that we've moved to Denver, CO, and have our workshop here, this is the second fall/winter that we get to play around in the gorgeous REAL snowflakes! We love it! And when the two of us were talking about snow one day, Heather brightened up and told me her idea...we could create our next print from individually cut paper snowflakes!  

Snowflake cutting begins!

Cutting into the snowflake

As we were brainstorming this fun new idea, it came to us that we should include you guys, our amazing customers, and let everyone on our snapchat (luckyleodw) know about it!  We did a little tutorial showing how to make your own snowflake, and told our followers to send us in their fave creations.

Mailed in snowflake masterpieces

We were so excited to open up each and every snowflake mailed in to us, and we used them in our print!  They were so beautiful, and we loved reading the kind notes you sent to us, too.  It was so special to get cards sent in, and see how creative you all can be.  We were truly impressed by cute little details like cut-outs that looked like a butterfly and sweet little hearts mixed into the paper.

Heather cutting out a tissue snowflake

Heather and I later decided, why not make it a party for us, too? We recreated our childhood tradition, and broke out the scissors and paper to have a crafty good time! All of our incredible and awesome sewers helped out, and we had so much fun getting to create paper snowflakes with the team.  It was so exciting seeing everyone's creative eye for snow! And putting them all together they look so magical.

Our team cutting snowflakes

Connor came up with the idea to break out the hole punch for a perfect circle cut, and Annie made a snowflake with little Luckyleo clovers.  Everyone who works here is so multi-talented and creative!

Connor cutting his snowflake

Oodles of snowflakes cut from tissue paper

While we were working on the snow print, things turned truly epic, because the very same day was this year's first snowfall! Heather and I ran outside with Maggie to snap a few pics with the paper flakes and to enjoy the gorgeous fresh snow, which was just too perfect!

Sisters in the snow

Heather scanned in all of our tissue snowflakes, made them coordinate with the mailed in snowflakes you guys sent, and we set it on a dark navy backdrop just like a beautiful crisp snowy night.

ALLURE style in our new Snow handmade print

We hope you all enjoy this new handmade print, SNOW, now available in pre order so that you can wear it for Nutcracker classes and just to generally feel happier while skies are grey.  Here is a link to the preorder if you'd like to snatch one for yourself!

 ♥ Chelsea Early

October 28, 2017 — Blend Commerce Collaborator


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