Luckyleo Team Theme Days

We have a little known tradition of dressing up to celebrate each other's birthday, here at Luckyleo.  One of our cutting and topstitch and pinches specialists, Treena, has her birthday coming up this weekend, so we celebrated it today with the theme "80s pro-wrestling," and it couldn't have been more fun!  

Luckyleo Dancewear Sewing Team

The whole team got pretty into the idea, and after we snacked on some delicious fresh-cooked cinnamon rolls, we took our sugar rush out into the hallway to battle it out, pro-wrestling style.

Chair smash at Luckyleo Dancewear

We loved these hilarious moments captured, and we wanted to share the fun with you all!  Each person had their own back-story to their character, and it was such a blast.  Treena actually does pro-wrestling, when she's not busy working on hand-crafting you all the lovely Luckyleos here at the workshop.  It was so much fun to share her love of pro-wrestling with her for the day! 

Headlock of Connor & Maggie by Luckyleo Maker Ondine

Even Hank, Ann's cute puppy who sometimes graces our workshop, got in on the theme, and took me out with his ferocious 80's energy!

Hank Smashes Chelsea at Luckyleo
Have any ideas for what our next party theme should be? We love getting creative here while we work on sewing up your designs!
All the love from the Luckyleo Team,



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