Luckyleo Team Highlight: Taylor, The Ammonite Fossil Extraordinaire

Taylor stands at a cutting table with scissors in her hand and a roll of fabric next to her.

We spent the day with one of our Makers, Taylor, to showcase her incredible talent as a sewist & learn more about what makes her so unique! Look out for Taylor’s Maker mark on the back of the brown hang tag attached to your next custom leotard. You’ll know it’s her by the stamp of a ammonite fossil!

Taylor sits at a sewing machine and is looking at a leotard she is holding up in front of her.

Taylor joined our team in October of 2019 & it was apparent from her very first day on the job that she was an incredibly skilled seamstress. She was far & away one of the fastest workers on our production line but that speed never compromised her quality. Her attention to detail shines through in all of her work & her leotards never stray from a level of absolute perfection. She’s very experienced & has worked in high demand production workshops before so it was no surprise that she fit right in at Luckyleo. It was her idea to introduce electric rotary cutters to ease the process of hand cutting our leotards & she always has a new & innovative idea to improve our production workflow. She said her favorite leotard is anything with the Black Cloud print! 

Taylor's hand reaches for a leotard from a stack of rolled fabric.

We love having Taylor in our workshop because she is warm & bright and her mere presence makes anyone feel at ease. She is one of those people who can befriend anyone & she goes out of her way to talk to everyone on the team. Taylor is known for her quiet kindness, like bringing in bouquets of fresh cut flowers from her garden to brighten up our workshop. Often when we have an exciting celebration, we’re all hoping Taylor will bring in her famous sugar cookies that are expertly hand decorated with our Luckyleo logo & clovers. Honestly, if she wasn’t a sewist, she could absolutely have a vibrant career as a boutique baker.  She’s seriously that good.

Taylor pulls a pattern from a rack with a green graduation cap hanging on the end of the rack.

It should come as no surprise that a sewist as talented as Taylor has impressive skills that reach far beyond the world of sewing. She is a true master in all kinds of textile design, like when she created an incredible set of giant butterfly wings that she crocheted with intricate panels of texture and unique stitches. She pulls so much of her inspiration from the natural world & loves collecting outdoor treasures like bones, stones & dried plants. She’s channeled her enthusiasm for nature into eclectic jewelry pieces that she handcrafts from metallic insects and bones, like the Cicada necklace she is wearing in these pictures!

We’re so grateful to have Taylor on our team because she is always willing to help others. She has an unwavering patience when it comes to teaching her co-workers new skills or troubleshooting how to fix a misbehaving sewing machine. Her kindness never goes unnoticed and her dedication to her craft is inspiring to our entire team. Her Maker’s mark is a ammonite fossil, which is suitable for her because no two fossils are ever alike & Taylor is truly one of a kind!

Taylor sits at a sewing machine and looks towards the camera with a smile.


What an inspiring article about my extraordinary daughter! Thank you for showcasing her incredible talents and wonderful people-skills. She is my delight.
Kelli Carlton

Mutti April 27, 2021

This is a wonderful way to recognize such talent and dedication:)

Christina Proulx April 27, 2021

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