Luckyleo Team Highlight: Ondine, the Two-Tailed Fox


Hello, all you lovely dancers out there!  Today, Heather and I are introducing you to Ondine, one of three Custom Makers here at Luckyleo Dancewear.  As a Maker, she has the responsibility of taking a custom order, written out on paper, and making it come to life from start to finish!  We asked her a few questions so you all can get to know her a little better.  And you’ll know Ondine sewed up your custom leotard when you spot a two-tailed fox stamped on the back side of your Luckyleo brown hang-tag!


What are your favorite leotards you’ve ever sewn up?

Evening Bloom & Dusk Mesh GLAMOUR, White Sunflower & White Mesh PRIX, and Dark Grey Cherry Blossom and Plum Mesh ACORN are my favorites! Pictured below is Ondine creating the ACORN from start to finish.


What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

Making cosplay, mostly inspired by Japanese anime.  With each project, I like learning new sewing skills, including elaborate embroidery details and patterning things myself.


When did you first start sewing and how did you learn to sew?

I grew up with a costume designer mother, so I’ve been around sewing and elaborate projects and creativity all my life. She taught me how to sew as a teenager, and I really only started sewing again in the past few years.


What inspires you to be creative?

I like bringing fantasy to life and seeing visions of color become something that can be worn! Wearing something can be transportive, can make you feel as though you’re living in a different world as a different person. Live the dream/fantasy!


What does your maker symbol represent?

I just really love foxes, and a fox has become my symbol on many things. In Japanese mythology, a fox is a shapeshifter, which I love the idea of as it relates to the costumes I make and becoming something or someone else. Also, in Japanese mythology, an animal will grow additional tails as it grows more ancient, living hundreds of years; my fox has 2 tails as I am an old soul!


Favorite theme day at the Luckyleo Workshop?

Mardi-gras Dinos! (Some of you might remember the T-Rex sewing a leotard from start to finish on our Instagram story.)

Cats or Dogs?


Favorite drink? 

Bourbon  I mean, full-leaf tea of all kinds! (Ondine hosted a tea party one day at the workshop where she created amazingly aromatic sugar plum tea for us all…that sparkled with edible glitter. It was stunning and so tasty!)

Anything else you want the dancers who wear your leotards to know about you?

I love plaid!


And that wraps it up for our interview with Ondine! Keep an eye out for her cute two-tail fox symbol on the next custom you order with us to see if she sewed it for you, and stay tuned for more maker interviews with Connor and Kim coming soon! 


Just recently, we made a production transition into make-through production (start to finish) for all customs ordered on our site. This is a big transition from our assembly line process we’ve used exclusively the last 4 years, and it allows us to ensure the utmost quality and expertise put towards every Custom and Made To Order item that is created here. With just one pair of expert hands taking your leotard through the entire creation process, we are able to highlight the skills and utilize the talents of our incredible senior sewing team members, while also completing your handmade leotard in just 3 weeks as opposed to our old 8 week waitlist. As always, every single item we sell is made by hand right here in our workshop, and now you can connect with the beautiful maker that has brought your Luckyleo to life! Thank you, Ondine, for bringing such love and care to your leotards you sew for Luckyleo!


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A maker mark! Like a pair of custom Freeds!

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