Luckyleo Team Highlight: Kim, the Mushroom Master

Today, Heather and I would like to introduce you all to another Artisan Maker who carefully constructs your made-to-order Luckyleos for you!  Her name is Kim, and you'll recognize her maker mark by a cute patch of mushrooms. 

Makers are the sewists who create your made-to-order items for you, from start to finish, so just one pair of expert hands are involved in each leotard you order from us that way.  We developed this made-to-order process right at the beginning of Luckyleo, when we first started off with only custom, made-for-you items. When we began the company, Heather and I were the ones sewing up each leotard for you all.  As we grew as a brand and had to start hiring seamstresses to help out with all of your orders for customs, we adopted the approach of an assembly-line production of the items, even though it was still made in house. But the details and timeline of each custom item just didn't make sense in this format over time.  We re-imagined our production setup, and we invited our top-quality sewists to join the Maker Team.

Kim was one of the first sewists we thought of when we developed this idea for production!  Her careful, thoughtful approach to each aspect of the leotard-making process really pays off and her work always shines with the love she puts into each item she creates for you.

When we asked Kim what her favorite leotard she's ever sewn so far is, she quickly replied her all-time fave was a custom from a customer with a special request for us. She was a big fan of the secret "Fifi" print, and we made it for her as a custom order with pacific mesh in the INTRIGUE style. Kim just loved the way that one turned out!  

When Kim isn't hard at work assembling your custom order for you, she is often found foraging wild mushrooms and promptly turning those into delicious meals at home. While cooking up something scrumptious and likely a delicacy, you'll find Suki or Annyoung, her amazing cats, near her side.  She loves hanging out with them, and even brought her orange kitty, Annyoung, in to work for a head shot day one time, plopping him on her head like a hat! 

Kim first found out she loved the art of creating when she started altering t-shirts to fit her perfectly.  She'd add a little something to an outfit here or there to improve its design or fit, like attaching lace trim to a dress to instantly elevate the look!  She eventually wound up attending fashion school in Chicago, and got her degree there, learning all sorts of incredible sewing techniques and patterning concepts.

What really inspires Kim to be at her most creative is immersing herself in nature.  She loves the process of taking a particular fabric and molding it into anything her imagination can dream up. She's lovingly called "scrapmaster" here at the workshop, because she's amazing at taking a scrap of forgotten fabric and transforming it into a beautiful and especially unique Express design. Her ideas for Express looks are often candy-colored and joyful, to balance out her love of podcasts True Crime Garage, My Favorite Murder, or her most recent favorite, Cults that she's often listening to in her earbuds as she works.

Kim's Maker Mark represents her amazing foraging skills, and she is an expert at locating morel mushrooms in particular.  If you're ever on the hunt for wild morels, she's the one to ask where to forage them!

Her favorite Luckyleo Theme day was "Geriatric Day" when we all dressed up how we imagined ourselves looking 40 or so years from now.  

As you might guess, when pressed to decide between dogs or cats, Kim's a cat person for sure.  If you want to send her a drink as a thank you present for sewing up your leos, you should send lemonade, since that's her very favorite!

All-in-all, Kim is a wonderful person to have here at the workshop. She has evolved from her original role as a cutter, and helped us through many ups and downs of the company as we grew.  Her expert eye and attention to detail has helped our products evolve, and we are so happy to show you all a little insider view of her corner of "Leotard Land" as we call it here in the workshop.  




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