Luckyleo Team Highlight: Connor, Fire Crown King

Today is a special day where we get to tell you a little more about another of our team members, Connor Jones, who is one of our Maker Artisans.  You'll know he created your custom design Luckyleo by his "made by" stamp of a crown engulfed in flames. So lets go ahead and tell you all a few of his favorite things!

dance leotard creation

His favorite Luckyleo that he's ever sewn is a Plum Cloud FLARE with a Dusk Mesh Accent. The lighter hue of dusk brings out such a beautiful tone to the Plum Cloud print!

Connor is also a distinguished Burlesque Performer on the weekends.  He loves getting to perform, rehearse, practice his makeup, and make elaborate costumes for his shows.  You should see some of the amazing things he's created.  Heather and I wanted to waltz for hours in a beautiful velvet cape robe he created and brought into the shop one day!

He first taught himself how to sew in High School, where he was in charge of Costuming for several plays.  He learned even more skills and techniques as a Costume Designer in University as well.

His creativity is ignited when he gets to create new garments, costumes, or performing.  The chance to create something beautiful is his passion.  Connor says, "It's all worth the hard work if you can bring joy and inspire even one person with that item or experience"...I'm sure you dancers out there can relate to this drive!

Connor's Luckyleo Mark, the fire crown, came about since he has always loved intricate crowns.  When we first started tagging each sewist's work, as our team grew here at Luckyleo, he asked us to print out beautiful crowns to represent his work on a garment.  The fire around the crown is a reference to his stage name "Indy Fire."

His favorite Luckyleo Theme Day, when all the team members here at Luckyleo dress up for fun, was our "Geriatric" day a while back.  We all dressed up as octogenarians, and had a blast!

You'll often see his adorable chihuahua, Eireann, curled up besides him in his sewing corner.  She comes to the workshop nearly every week to cheer him on.

His very favorite drink is a chilled Vanilla Latte...Oh, and one more thing you should know about Connor: He's been sorted into house Ravenclaw.

As we mentioned in our last blog, just recently we made a production transition into make-through production (start to finish) for all customs ordered on our site. This is a big change from our assembly line process we’ve used exclusively the last 4 years, and it allows us to ensure the utmost quality and expertise put towards every Custom and Made To Order item that is created here. With just one pair of expert hands taking your leotard through the entire creation process, we are able to highlight the skills and utilize the talents of our incredible senior sewing team members, while also completing your handmade leotard in just 3 weeks as opposed to our old 8 week waitlist. As always, every single item we sell is made by hand right here in our workshop, and now you can connect with the beautiful maker that has brought your Luckyleo to life! Thank you, Connor, for bringing such dedication and excellence to your leotards you sew for Luckyleo!

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Dear Connor:

I am not sure if you have ever made any of my tights, but I still enjoyed Chelsea’s highlight of you and your work at Lucky. I am totally impressed with the costumes you make for your own dancing. I am discovering how creative expressive movement can be so energizing, and would think that dancing in a costume that you made yourself could be even more satisfying.

Cheers and thanks. M

Matthew Anderton July 15, 2020

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